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Dulcimer Fingerpicking Basics DVD


Product Description

Dulcimer Fingerpicking Basics is a comprehensive DVD workshop suitable for beginning level players as well as more advanced players who want to learn fundamental techniques of fingerpicking the mountain dulcimer.  Sue delivers step-by-step instruction from simple exercises to arrangements of:  “Patience Corner,” “Summer Solstice Waltz,” and “Southwind.”

Ideal visual compliment to Patterns and Patchwork

  • Lessons follow the same teaching methods as in Sue’s book, but with different music.
  • Various camera angles for close-ups of right and left hands.


  • Right Hand Techniques
  • Fingerpicking Patterns
  • Dynamics and Tone Quality
  • Picking the Patterns to Fit the Melody
  • Picking the Fingers to Fit the Pattern

PDF files for the tab/music included on the DVD.

  • A Home Grown Music Studios Production
  • Filmed in HD – Approximately 75 minutes

“Learning . . . fingerpicking will greatly expand your enjoyment of the mountain dulcimer and this DVD is all you will ever need to master this beautiful style.  Great teaching techniques, great tunes, and a great opportunity to grow as a musician!”

–Deb Porter, Dulcimer Players News, Vol. 37, No. 1, 2011

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